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Logistics as Enabler for the Circular Economy

To advance the circular economy and enable the scaling of circular business models, we need cheap and sustainable reverse supply chains. Thereby, the logistics industry as the central binding link in reverse supply chains and as a major cost and emission driver must play a central role.
The presented Whitepapers provide insights from academia and industry, on how reverse supply chains must be rethought to accelerate the transition towards circularity.
The findings provide relevant implications for the logistics industry and several other stakeholders such as manufacturing companies, recycling companies, and consumers.
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The long version of the whitepaper provides you with additional scientific background on circularity and a deeper understanding of the role of logistics in reverse supply chains. Furthermore, insights from interviews with industry experts are presented.
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This Whitepaper has been discussed in depth during the DHL webinar Return as an Enabler of the Circular Economy in November 2023. Learn more about research program ESCF Circular.