Webinar 2D barcodes a revolution in supply chain – November 16, 2023

Topic: a webinar on changing the current EAN barcode to a 2D barcode in collaboration with  GS1  

The current EAN barcode has reached its longest time and is going to migrate to a 2D Barcode. ESCF organizes interaction with her members to further develop knowledge in and around supply chains. Because we realize that the transformation to a 2D barcode everyone affects in the supply chain, we devote attention to this transition.

Issues arising from this, ESCF wants to address smartly. By acting together and seizing the opportunity to innovate. We check at source what exactly is going to change, when. What does this process look like? It was an informative webinar in which we asked GS1 to take us through the upcoming changes.

We promised ESCF members can find the slides 1-on-1 on the ESCF website. These slides contain links to retrieve additional info.

Questions that pop up later will be answered jointly by Sarina Pielaat from GS1 and ESCF. Please mail to escf@tue.nl

Remco Dijkman