Master project pitches

This page shows several video pitches of graduate students who found their master thesis project through the ESCF community. It gives some examples of how our students can add value to your company, or how you can add value to one of our community members.

Bram Cals at Vanderlande

Bram used deep reinforcement learning to come up with a strategy to determine what the optimal route is for which order. A static and more dynamic scenario with different times of releasing the orders were tested. He explains the research and results in this video.

Youri Soons at Sitech

Youri researched on how to accurately predict the remaining useful life of filters. He made a similarity-based estimate and fed this into an exponential function in order to make a reliable and accurate prediction. Watch this video about the results.

Jeroen Vermeulen at NXP

Jeroen did his research on the difference between the machine learning models and the traditional statistical models. Watch the video where he explains how the research was done.

Wouter Peters at Nike

Wouter did his research at a retail e-commerce player to identify the main influential factors of product returns in an e-commerce market. He used several variables to predict the returns probability at the moment of order check-out. Was the model able to predict the actual returns? Find out about the results in this video.

Amber van Oort at Thermo Fischer Scientific

Amber did her research on improving the demand forecasting and exploring what techniques could be used. She comparted two traditional methods and two machine learning methods. Is machine learning always a better solution? Watch the video and learn about the results of her research.

Mark van der Plas at NXP

Marc did his research on using the knowledge or traceability graph to trace the entire production process. He looked at the production lots related to quality incidents. He discovered that production lots connected showed the same root cause for the quality accident. Wonder how this can help companies? Then watch the video.