Tom Van Woensel

In other disciplines, researchers can use laboratories to test and validate their research, while in supply chain and operations, the companies are the labs themselves.

Paul Grefen
Research Director

Supply Chain Management is not just about planning. If information systems are recognized as enablers within Supply Chain Management, new opportunities will arise.

Christel Verlijsdonk
Management Assistant

I recognize themes and challenges from my time in business and still feel a great interest to these topics.

Vera Mackus-Strijbos
Communication and Management Assistant

Connecting people to create a valuable (online) environment together energizes me.

Sarah Gelper
Manager AI Planner of the Future

We create these events as an open platform where members can share problems and solutions with each other without commercial interest. Together, these challenges are tackled and research is furthered.

Laura Genga
Research Director Data2Move
Resilience is a crucial challenge for nowadays supply chains. A key factor to enhance supply chain resilience is to ensure transparency within the chain, to allow every node to make informed decisions and appropriate reactions to mitigate the impact of occurred disruptions.
Albert Schrotenboer
Research Director Data2Move
My research generally focuses on the entities that move in supply chain management. I design efficient and practical solutions for integrated decision-making (e.g., warehousing, transportation, inventory) by mixing classic optimization with data analytics/machine learning concepts.
Remco Dijkman
Research Director EHTC

The EHTC members are leading companies in the high tech industry, enabling us to anticipate on themes and problems of the future. Together, we solve future problems before competitors are even aware of these challenges.

Willem Van Jaarsveld
Research Director EHTC

It is not just research between one academic and one person in a company but between the faculty and the whole company, or, even better, the entire ecosystem of companies within the Eindhoven area.

Layla Martin
Research Director CDT

In my research, I address decision-making and optimization in urban mobility and logistics, that is moving people and goods within cities. In an urban setting, decisions are needed quickly, subject to many external stakeholders, and highly inter-dependent.

Nevin Mutlu
Research Director CDT - Manager AI planner of the future

Operational decisions implemented by companies undoubtedly have an impact on customer behavior. Including such dynamics in the problem formulation is crucial for better decision-making to improve profitability.

Melvin Drent
Research Director CDT

Collaboration between academia and industry creates a continuous two-way flow of knowledge that benefits both. Research results flow out to industry to advance decision-making, and in turn, industry practice flows back to inspire practically-relevant research questions.

Claudia Fecarotti
Research Director Servitization

My research focuses on developing new methodologies to support operation and maintenance of complex engineering systems to make them fully available, reliable and maintainable for the minimum cost of ownership.

NĂ©omie Raassens
Research Director Servitization - Manager Circular

Our aim is to develop and apply our expertise on (inter)organizational behavior and (econometric) modeling to examine how firms can make their business processes more effective and efficient while remaining profitable and innovative.

Zumbul Atan
Manager Circular

Collaboration is crucial and companies can help each other. The collaboration is about finding the solutions to common problems

Christina Imdahl
Research Director Data2Move - Manager Circular

Combining knowledge from academia with that from practice opens up unique chances for innovation. Together, we create a place where ideas flourish, and solutions are generated.

Ton De Kok
Executive Advisor

I want to unite complete supply chains via the ESCF. This connection provides the members insight into the Supply Chain Management processes of its suppliers and customers

Jannie Van Andel
Network Orchestrator CDT

Forget about the competition for a moment, and you will see that there is a lot to win.

Frank Timmers
Network Orchestrator Data2Move

Increased complexity requires to develop creative solutions to fulfill the demand of their customers. Our goal is to connect the academia with the business providing a competitive edge.

Edwin Wenink
Network Orchestrator Full Members

Connecting people from the business and academics and connecting Supply Chains is in the heart of our network.

Winfried Peeters
Network Orchestrator EHTC

It is crucial for companies to keep innovating in supply chain structurally. Just maintenance will not be good enough in the long run.

John van Ginkel
Network Orchestrator Servitization

Firms are eager to discuss servitization, but find it hard to develop an action plan to put servitization into practice. Our ambition is to create awareness (both technical and organizational) and to help firms by gaining, sharing, and developing knowledge.

Kim MacGillavry

Logistics is undergoing a lot of change that is affecting every stakeholder along the global supply chain, and there is no stable state on the horizon. To prepare for the future it is critical to work together with experts from all fields to find ways to stay ahead of developments.

Ivo Adan
Research Manager

The eSCF is a wonderful ecosystem prepared for the challenges of Industry 4.0!

Philippe van de Calseyde
Research Manager

My research focusses on how to improve human judgment and decision-making. Specific interests include behavioral forecasting, decision speed, wisdom of crowds, trust, and human-technology interaction

Geert-Jan Van Houtum
Research Manager

My research is about everything needed to realize high system availabilities of capital goods against a low Total Cost of Ownership. This includes making use of new data and combining AI/data analysis methods with decision support models.

Ahmadreza Marandi
Research Manager

Academia and industry should join forces to have a deeper understanding of practical problems and solution methods.

Loe Schlicher
Research Manager

I develop and analyze mathematical models that can help policymakers make better (strategic) decisions related to homeland security and defense.

Lijia Tan
Research Manager

My research lives at the boundary of analytical and behavioral disciplines. I investigate human decisions via laboratory and field experiments, field data analysis, and develop models of decision-making to better explain, predict, and improve analytical models and decision support systems.

Yingqian Zhang
Research Manager

Together, we can actualize the value of innovative AI solutions for industrial and societal challenges.

Frauke Behrendt
Manager AI Planner of the Future

My expertise is on smart and sustainable mobility. I examine how transport-related carbon emissions can be lowered quickly by researching how micromobility can make a key contribution sustainable mobilities in cities. I have a socio-technical perspective and an interdisciplinary approach.

Laurens Bliek
Manager AI Planner of the Future

The transition towards a more data-driven supply chain and a more sustainable one should go hand in hand.

Yeqing Zhou
Manager Circular

We aim to build new business models to identify opportunities for companies and develop novel analytical methods to tackle challenges. Together, we find solutions for Profitabability, Efficiency, and Sustainability.