Student projects

Research is often performed by executing projects with students in individual member organizations or across a set of member organizations (for example in the scope of one of the ESCF communities). In the connection of talent, knowledge and network, student projects are crucial. TU/e bachelor, master and PhD students are actively involved in projects at companies during their thesis work. The finest academic knowledge is used by our greatest talents to help our members and enrich the supply chain knowledge.

Each year, there are two moments where matching takes place between students  and companies providing thesis projects. Students start in February or in September in your company. Well before these start dates, members can submit project proposals, assisted by the ESCF. These will be circulated via our talent pool, the ESCF student community.

Registered members and registered students can consult the student projects here.

Twan Vranken winner of the ESCF Student Award 2020-2021. 
Twan had done the best research and won 1000 Euro, with his thesis on “Improving a Production-Inventory Model in the Multi-Machine, Hybrid MTO-MTS Chemical Industry” which he performed at Sabic.

Twan Vranken winner Student Award ESCF 2020-2021