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Manufacturing in developed economies is under massive pressure, because markets continually shift and competition continues to rise. Consequently, the ‘servitization of manufacturing’ has become a growing trend in the industrial sector, which implies that firms shift from a product-centric business model and logic to a service-centric approach.

While manufacturers can reap various benefits of servitization, they face some worrisome challenges in formulating and implementing a service-oriented business model.


The key challenge is successfully evolving from a products-based organization to a service-oriented enterprise and doing so profitably, which is also known as the ‘servitization paradox’ problem. ¬†Firms are in need of practical guidance, in the form of sharing best practices and management tools allowing firms to interdependently manage product and service portfolios.

In the past couple of years, we notice that firms are eager to discuss the topic of servitization, but find it hard to develop an action plan to put servitization into practice. Our ambition is to create awareness of the servitization challenges, which are both technical and organizational in nature, and more importantly, to help firms overcome these wide range of challenges by gaining, sharing, and developing knowledge on servitization.

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