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Company Name / Department MPS Systems B.V.
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Martijn Cazemier / Rob Nijland 

Location Arnhem
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Community Servitization
Start Date As soon as possible
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Company Description

Graduation topics Servitization and Data analysis @ MPS Systems                        

MPS Systems vision

At MPS we design and build printing presses for the label and flexible packaging industry.

During the design phase we ask ourselves: What does it take for printing presses to really deliver in quality and productivity?

It’s the people behind the controls. That is why MPS puts the operator first. 

MPS wants her customers to achieve the best performance from their printing presses.

The Customer Performance team helps them to realize this. This team of Data Analysts, Lean and Printing experts enables customers to get the best out of their printing operation and team, by applying machine data driven performance insights and best practices.

Graduation assignment – your role

The graduate student is part of the Customer Performance team. This innovative team develops data and fact-based analyses for customers, creates smart insights in the MPS machine performance and guides customers worldwide improving machine and team performances.

You are a spider in the web; you work together with the Sales team, Customers, Technical Expertise Centre, Training team, Customer service and Software & Customer Tool development.

Graduation assignment – the objective

The objective of the graduation assignment is to develop high value Performance services to the MPS customers.

Project Description

The objective of this master thesis project is:

to improve customer machine performance by scalable data-driven customer solutions.

In particular, the thesis should identify patterns in the currently available data that make performance improvements salient (through information and/or alerts). 

This master thesis project should focus on customer value, taking into account the (operational) data that is currently available.

Questions that need to be answered during the process include:

  • what patterns can be recognized in the currently available data
  • what data could be used in service value propositions towards customers and
  • in what way this value can be communicated to customers (i.e., tangibility of value but also the applicability)?

The main deliverable of the master thesis is an understanding of what data could be used to generate valuable customer solutions.

Preferably, a performance tool is developed that shows transparent machine outcomes and is enabling actionable and tangible service offerings.

Goals of the Project


Essential Student Knowledge

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