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Company Name / Department Hilti
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Federico Scotti di Uccio

Location Liechtenstein
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Community ESCF
Start Date 1 September 2021
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Company Description

Welcome to Hilti. Our leading-edge tools, technologies, software and services power the global construction industry, including some of the world’s most ambitious feats of engineering. To deliver these innovative solutions to our customers, we’re looking for dedicated, high-performing people to join our team.


Project Description


S&OP is a strategic process to ensure sales and operations are connected and they collaborate to fulfill best customer service at the best cost.


One extension of the S&OP is to have the E2E chain mapped including our suppliers.

For the plants producing our power tools, we do not have visibility if we have enough components to fulfill the demand. 


Lack of visibility leads to an incorrect production planning: producing unscheduled products at the wrong time. Not fulfilling customer demand, unnecessary production / distribution costs, unnecessary inventory impacting our profits and working capital.   


Goals of the Project and deliverables

Together with literature review and benchmarks:

Create a framework to map items / components necessity according to S&OP output. At the same time, enabling the production plants planners and Central Planning team to have the right scenarios for decision making process.

Develop a tool to bring transparency and understand the constraints of the Master Production and Scheduling (MPS)

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