S&OP decision impacts of plant suppliers – Hilti / Dinalog project



Company Name / Department

Hilti AG

Contact Person

Markus Frey


HQ Liechtenstein

Study programme(s)
Community ESCF
Start Date February 2022
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Company Description


Project Description

In the S&OP process it is crucial to have a full transparency from the supply to the end-customer. To ensures that the plants have enough components to produce the required materials it is important to pre-order the components from the suppliers in the right amount and right time. To obtain a resilient and robust supply chain planning this pre-ordering should also consider possible disruptions.  

Goals of the Project

Increase the (data) transparency of the supplier to the plants. Identify possible disruptions in the supply. Develop a decision support model to allow what-if scenarios for the cost optimal sourcing of components of suppliers such that the demand is met. The model shall be linked to the HILTI S&OP framework.


  • Ensure visibility of the supply of the suppliers
  • Establish a transparent supply network from the suppliers to the plants
  • Identify disruptions
  • Based on data, derive a decision support model to source the right amount at the right time from the suppliers to ensure that the demanded material is available in selected plants

Essential Student Knowledge

  • Data base knowledge
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Research/Mathematical Optimization
  • Statistics

More information: escf@tue.nl