Services as a revenue model for the industry  

Recently, ABN AMRO published a report entitled “Services as a revenue model for the industry,” which focuses on the ‘how’ question of putting servitization into practice. It is especially relevant for machine builders or first- or second-tier suppliers who want to know what steps they can take towards servitization. Specifically, this report focuses on four questions:

  1. The start: How does servitization fit into the corporate vision and strategy?
  2. The destination: Which services are suitable for which customers and markets?
  3. The roadmap: What do companies need to put in place to realize servitization?
  4. The implementation: How do companies put servitization into practice?

Want to know more about the report? Then contact John van Ginkel.


ESCF Servitization community

More and more firms are starting their servitization journey. Servitization implies a shift from a product-centric organization to a service-centric company. The ESCF Servitization Community’s ambition is to create awareness on the servitization challenges, which are both technical and organizational in nature, and to provide solutions to overcome these challenges. To achieve this, we closely cooperate with our members to develop projects (e.g., master thesis projects, PhD projects) with the aim to guide them in their transition towards servitization in a sustainable and profitable way. These company-specific projects center around our three main pillars: (i) predictive maintenance, (ii) data-driven business models, and (iii) circular economy.

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