Safety stock strategy in a semiconductor supply chain – ams



Company Name / Department ams AG
Contact Person Edgar van Campen
Location Eindhoven
Study programme(s) Industrial engineering/ Manufacturing systems engineering
Community ESCF
Start Date 1 February 2021
Housing arranged by company To be discussed


€500 per month plus travel allowance

Company Description

ams’ sensor solutions and sensor ICs are at the heart of the products and technologies that define our world today – from smartphones and mobile devices to smart homes and buildings, industrial automation, medical technology and driver-assisting vehicles. Our solutions excel in applications requiring extreme precision, dynamic range, high sensitivity, and low power consumption in small form factors.


Project Description

ams serves a broad spectrum of customers and markets with a multi-stage supply chain. Each market and customer has its own needs; therefore, finding an optimal safety stock strategy is a complex problem. The project would focus on defining inventory strategies and simulate their impact on the supply chain performance.


Goals of the Project

A safety stock strategy proposal



  • A supply chain model

  • A safety stock strategy proposal

Essential Student Knowledge

Mathematical modelling

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