Ready for Assembly Outsourcing – DAF Trucks NV



Company Name / Department DAF Trucks NV
Contact Person Edwin van Walraven
Location Eindhoven
Study programme(s) Management, Operations & Logistics
Community ESCF
Start Date February 2022
Housing arranged by company No


€450 per month

Company Description


DAF Trucks NV is a Dutch company and subsidiary of the American PACCAR Inc. Its core activity is the development, production, marketing, sales and service of trucks for other organizations (Business2Business). Each truck is customized, based on the ‘build to order’ principle.


Project Description

DAF’s manufacturing process will face more and more capacity pressures. Therefore, the vision is to move more and more towards the outsourcing of complex sub-assemblies (i.e. Ready for Assembly or RFA) in a Supply In Line Sequence (SILS).

However, DAF and the relevant suppliers are missing the appropriate IT structure to support the increasingly complex outsourcing processes of ready for assemblies.


Goals of the Project

The main goal of this project is to design a outsourcing model of complex sub-assemblies, based on the latest logistic insights. The model describes the collaboration, the financial feasibility and the logistical and IT capabilities of both DAF and its suppliers.



    1. Insight in current process

    What are the past and current outsourcing models known at DAF? Intermediate deliverables: Visualization of the current outsourcing models

    1. Review current process

    What are the current challenges and opportunities of the outsourcing models? What are the latest insights and standards in outsourcing of sub-assemblies in SILS that DAF and its suppliers would be able to use based on its challenges and opportunities?

    Intermediate deliverables:

    • Challenges and opportunities of the current outsourcing model
    • Literature review on outsourcing of sub-assemblies
    • (possible) best practice study on outsourcing of sub-assemblies
    1. (Re)Design

    What is an outsourcing model for sub-assemblies that DAF should implement in the future?

    Intermediate deliverable: Visualization of the conceptual outsourcing model. Second which capabilities does the relevant supplier need to have.

    1. Evaluation

    Final deliverable: Visualization of the conceptual, evaluated outsourcing model for DAF and its suppliers.


    Essential Student Knowledge

    Preferably a student with Operations Management & Logistics background, so a strong affiliation with Logistic and IT principles.

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