Project Title – Company Name



Company Name / Department Company X, department Y
Contact Person Jan Jansen –
Location Eindhoven
Study programme(s) Operations Management and Logistics, Innovation Management
Community Data2Move
Start Date Februari 2021
Housing arranged by company No
Compensation €500 per month plus travel allowance

Company Description

Canon Production Printing Netherlands B.V. in Venlo employs around 1900 people. The main activities are R&D, manufacturing and logistics of large format, sheetfed and cutsheet printing systems as well as supporting consumables and spare parts. CPP is creating exceptional technologies, products and services for our main markets in printing and workflow management. We are focused on accelerating digital imaging technologies and developing high-tech printing products.

Project Description

Investigate the opportunity of RPA at Manufacturing & Logistics (M&L) of CPP; what business impact can be expected in the different areas. How can M&L management develop towards a future where RPA is an accepted best practice that is used throughout the organization.

Goals of the Project

CPP would like to develop a vision on RPA; to what extent can RPA support the business objectives of CPP, and how can RPA be introduced and become integrated in the M&L organization of CPP.



  • Description/understanding of potential RPA impact per functional M&L department (criteria for processes where RPA successfully can be applied; method of process analysis to define if RPA can be applied; clear overview of processes per department that meet the RPA criteria, clear overview of the FTE reduction opportunity per department as a result of RPA)
  • Implementation plan for successful introduction and integration of RPA in the supply centers of the M&L organization (governance structure & roles; required knowledge level for each role)
  • Proposed architecture of RPA set-up (if applicable).
  • Pilot implementation of RPA for (at least) 1 process with a positive business case with UIpath.  

Essential Student Knowledge

  • Purchasing / SCM / Logistics concepts
  • RPA knowledge and capabilities
  • Communication / research / reporting skills