Master Thesis 06- Pricing of Services – MOBA



Company Name / Department

MOBA Group B.V.

Contact Person

Mike Burgers


Stationsweg 117, Barneveld

Study programme(s)


Community Servitization
Start Date

February 2022

Housing arranged by company Yes


 € 455 Euro per month

Company Description

The MOBA Group B.V. is specialized in supplying Egg grading, packing and processing machines. The company is the international Market leader. The machines are complex, automating manual labor and they grade,sort and pack eggs at a maximum speed of 252.000 eggs per hour!
MOBA’s HQ is placed in Barneveld with about 600 FTE, and the other 250 FTE are spread across the 9 global offices. In addition MOBA has an extensive sales and services network with 56+ Agents and dealers providing sales and services.

Project Description

MOBA is in a service transition servitizing it’s business model even further. This means that our existing business model with costs,revenue’s and profits needs to be reshaped. Some service provided today are free(helpdesk), and we need to move from Service for free to service for fee. In addition, some services do not make a profit and we want to make them profitable in itself. The important factor there is market perception and acceptation. In addition, MOBA is developing training services (On-site, E-learnings) to aid customers, and what pricing/business model could be applied here?

    Goals of the Project

    Pricing strategy/ Business model advice in relation to services.
    Asses current business model, and propose new business model based on new services revenue streams, pricing etc.


    Report with:
    – Research approach
    – Plan of Approach
    – Findings
    – Conclusions
    – Recommendations
    – PPT for (service) management. 

    Essential Student Knowledge

    – Services in capital goods
    – Business Administration
    – Marketing mngt & Pricing
    – Entrepreneurial mindset
    – Servitization
    – Advanced Services
    – X as a service

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