Hilti supply chain resilience – How to measure & benchmark ourselves? – Hilti



Company Name / Department

Hilti AG, Schaan, Liechtenstein

Contact Person

Jan Busch / Federico Scotti di Uccio


Schaan, Liechtenstein / TBD

Study programme(s)
Community ESCF
Start Date September 2023
Housing arranged by company No


Yes, depending on location

Company Description


Project Description

In light of COVID-19 crisis supply chain resilience, commonly defined as a supply chains ability to adjust and recover from adverse events, became an even more important part of every company’s strategy.

With this project, we aim to gain transparency on Supply Chain Resilience, what industry best practices, and how to measure resilience with the focus on the “plan” and “deliver” processes.

This also allows us to benchmark ourselves and give input on areas we need to accelerate or start initiatives.


Goals of the Project

  • Propose assessment method for Hilti
  • Benchmark against industry leaders
  • Gap analyses to existing processes
  • Definition of improvement actions



  • Overview of industry best practices/standards “How to assess SC resilience” (quantitative/qualitative)
  • Select suitable method for 1st assessment
  • Results of said assessment & comparison to others
  • Transparency on largest gaps to next resilience level
  • Propose actions to close gaps


Essential Student Knowledge

  • Excellent understanding of multitier supply chain networks

  • Good understanding of planning, transport and warehouse processes

  • Good understanding of SC risk management & mitigation strategies

More information: escf@tue.nl