Evaluating the use of digital inventory and additive manufacturing for spare parts supply



Company Name / Department Bayer, Consumer Health, Product Supply
Contact Person Zen-Zen Yen
Location Bayer Supply Center Grenzach, Germany
Study programme(s) OML, MSE
Community ESCF
Start Date February 2023
Housing arranged by company No
Compensation  1694.- € per month (tbc)

Company Description

The purpose of Bayer Consumer Health Product Supply is to build the products our consumers love and that transform their lives. Product Supply provides about 9,400 products to Bayer Consumer Health. Our 5,100 employees at 12 Bayer-owned production sites, as well as more than 200 external contract manufacturers, produce and ensure a steady and flexible supply of these products to our customers and consumers.
Consumer Health Product Supply´s vision is to continuously advance our trusted daily health solutions with passion, competence and innovation. 

One of our production sites is the center of excellence for the production of semisolid dermatology products.  Our brands are Bepanthen™, Bepanthol™ and Canesten™ which are formulated and filled in Grenzach. The vision of our supply center is “Healthy skin – Natural(ly) for all.”

In this context we are now offering this graduation assignment / internship at our supply center in Grenzach, Germany, close to the border to Basel, Switzerland, and Alsace area in France.   

Project Description

Following Bayer’s global Progressive Maintenance Philosophy, our goal is to move away from unplanned downtimes with manyfold causes to planned downtimes to prevent breakdowns. As part of this initiative, additive manufacturing by 3D printing has been established at Supply Center Grenzach.

As pilot project a collaboration between a machine supplier and our supply center shall be established to assure fast and lean supply of spare parts. Main focus of the project are the economics and the supply chain of spare parts that are printed inhouse vs spare parts that are produced and shipped through the suppliers and possibly sub-suppliers. Additionally, the licensing concept between both sites needs to be evaluated from a financial and practical aspect.

Goals of the Project

Test and evaluate the pilot project for digital spare parts with one supplier.


Economic evaluation of the supply of digital spare parts vs. traditional spare parts.  

Essential Student Knowledge

Enthusiastic to take a hands-on practical challenge within the supply of indirect materials. 

Dares to take the adventure and graduate in Germany for a company with the inspiring vision: “Hunger for none, health for all”

Independent and (preferably) able to work with internal and external stakeholders in German language. Pragmatic with a can-do attitude. 



 More information: escf@tue.nl