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Company Name / Department Ctac
Contact Person Mirja den Reijer
Location Den Bosch
Study programme(s)

Master Innovation Management

Community Data2Move
Start Date 1 February 2021
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€375 per month plus travel allowance

Company Description

Ctac – Enabling your Ambition

Every organization has minor and major ambitions. More sales. Higher profitability. Lower costs. Market leadership. As Business & Cloud Integrator, we assist a wide range of customers in various sectors in successfully achieving their ambitions. We develop and implement industry-tailored solutions responding specifically to the business processes of our customers that are active in a variety of markets.

With a passion for technology and a sharp eye on business processes, we work in the interface of business and ICT. The comprehensive industry-specific solutions for retail, wholesale, manufacturing, real estate and professional services were developed in collaboration with customers, based on standard software from market leaders such as SAP, Microsoft and other well-known technology suppliers. Ctac has been a SAP and Microsoft Gold Partner for many years.

We complement our industry-specific composed solutions with a full service package, ranging from business consultancy to managed services, and software development to innovative services such as mobility, in-memory computing and cloud. For more than twenty years, this has been based on a professional approach, an innovative perspective and transparent, personal contact.

Ctac is listed at Euronext Amsterdam. The head office is established in ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. Ctac is also active in Belgium and France.


Project Description

In today’s world in which data is becoming increasingly important, as well as the value of data even more, there has been a great need among our customers to apply this value in practice.

That’s why we are constantly looking for innovative and/or standard solutions that integrate data science into the business processes in order not to keep reinventing the wheel.

In this project, you will design a data-to-value framework for the logistics industry. The framework is based on business value that facilitates data, algorithms and business rules together. This framework must be able to manage data, facilitate trained algorithms, as well as manage business applications such as business rules and business impact by analytics. In addition, it must be possible for end users of our customers in the Retail, Wholesale and/or Manufacturing industries to use this framework on their own in a friendly way.

It is important for Ctac to know whether this is feasible with the techniques currently available on the market and the integration with products of our existing vendors SAP and Microsoft.


Goals of the Project

Design framework to apply data science methods and techniques on business applications, with a focus on the supply chain in logistics sector.

Exploration and assessment of (trained) algorithms versus requirements in business applications.

Methodology to apply (techniques and methods) to integrate algorithms in business applications.
Methodology to enable end users to apply data science into business processes.



  • Feasibility study for framework
  • Market research of data science techniques/products available on the market to apply
  • Description of a solution (direction) that applies as input for a Proof Of Concept.
  • Business Case on target markets Retail, Wholesale and Manufacturing.

Essential Student Knowledge

Data Science Techniques en Methods

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