Configuration Registration in the EUV Factories (Make and Install) – ASML



Company Name / Department ASML
Contact Person

Sander van der Ploeg

Location Veldhoven / virtual
Study programme(s)

Industrial Engineering / OML

Community ESCF
Start Date Asap
Housing arranged by company – 


€500 euro per month / full time

Company Description


Project Description

Get a better understanding of configuration management at the EUV Factory, evaluate it’s current maturity level and do recommendations on where to improve.


Goals of the Project

The goal for this project is to improve our way of working with regards to configuration management. Although often not the highest priority it is a critical function to get right. Not only the factory depends on it, but also downstream the service organization.

We propose to do a qualitative analyses of the current maturity level by comparing current practices – both on process descriptions and actual factory compliance. Find a way to quantitatively measure current status with respect to configuration management (how well are we doing) and tie that in with a business case (what would it bring if we improve).



  1. Analyses of current status analysis and list of strengths, weaknesses, points of leakage of information and a proposal to improve current situation
  2. Reporting configuration registration quality; set of KPIs for configuration registration quality

3. Framework/driver tree linking configuration quality towards business benefits (ideally a model to simulate the impact on business benefits when changing drivers in the configuration registration quality)


Essential Student Knowledge

– Show a high willingness to learn
– Try to think out of the box
– Be curious about what comes next




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