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Company Name / Department Hilti AG
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Kristina Rib

Location Nendeln, FL
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Community Data2Move
Start Date 1 February 2021
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Company Description

Welcome to Hilti. Our leading-edge tools, technologies, software and services power the global construction industry, including some of the world’s most ambitious feats of engineering. To deliver these innovative solutions to our customers, we’re looking for dedicated, high-performing people to join our team.


Project Description

We offer Logistics services to our customers for last mile. There are several options in terms of speed, cost and service level. Often services are based on what our carriers can offer and the cost structure.

There are more studies emerging show-casing the link between delivery speed / service level and customer behavior (NS development, engagement level).

We’re interested in such evaluation of customer behavior for our product portfolio and our offering and a recommendation for an optimized offering.

Potential questions to be answered

  • How does speed of delivery impacts the customer behavior?
  • Is there a difference in product group: consumables against tools?
  • How to translate the conclusions of question 1 & 2 into an optimized offering (customer order journey) taking into account: sales, cost, inventory


Goals of the Project

  • Collect external research and overview of losgitics related factors which impact customer behavior
  • Analyze customer behavior patterns with Hilti data of 2-3 markets
  • Provide recommendation on the way forward


Recommendation on optimized services offering considering cost, delivery speed and service level

Essential Student Knowledge

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