Blue Yonder Usage Reports – Ensure All Capabilities are used as per design – Heineken



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Roman Smirnov


Virtual/Schiphol office (if conditions permit)

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Community ESCF
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September 2021

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Company Description

A leading producer of premium alcoholic beverages. 

Project Description

This is a project on the interface of operations management and information systems. Currently, Heineken uses the Blue Yonder tool as supply chain engine to predict demand and supply, yet it is unclear whether the potential benefits of the tool are realized. The goal of this project is to understand the usage of the Blue Yonder tool across Heineken’s operating companies. What defines good or poor usage of the tool? What are the root causes of poor usage? And how can Heineken improve the usage for better demand and supply forecasting?

    Goals of the Project

    The key goals of the project:

    1. Build standard view of the system usage across all participating Heineken Operating Companies
    2. Develop metrics that the Global team and other stakeholders could understand, relate to and, most importantly, would be useful in understanding how well participating Heineken Operating Companies are using the tool
    3. The reports should be- clear and easy to understand for non-technical team members but have the capacity to drill down to the level of detail that would allow thoughtful analysis of the root causes of poor system usage
    4. Reports should cover Demand, Inventory Optimization, Enterprise Supply Planning and Sales, Flowcasting & Operations Planning modules of Blue Yonder
    5. Approach and techniques should build upon and best practices from FutureMaster(Core), D&T, and other stakeholders
    6. It would be preferable if the final output is stored in Power BI
    7. Collaborate with vendors and Heineken stakeholders to deliver the product
    8. Build a process around the reports, including:
      a. Identifying recipients of the reports
      b. Identifying methods and frequency of reports delivery
      c. Identifying a process of taking specific actions, as a result of observing certain patterns or usage behavior
      d. Create a pre-determined set of recommendations for each specific underperforming KPI
    9. Train the team on how to use the reports
    10. Present project results and findings to Global team
    11. Common theme with future modules (Infor, etc.)


    • Enable management and the Global team the view of the system usage at the OpCos
    • Functioning Blue Yonder Usage Reports
    • Business process around Blue Yonder Usage Reports

    Essential Student Knowledge

    • IS understanding
    • Data transformation into management insights
    • Basic SC knowledge
    • Strong communication skills
    • Strong visual/presentation skills
    • Ability to analyze various factors, weight-in pros/cons prior to making decisions


    • Strong work ethics
    • Teamwork
    • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision

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