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Company Name / Department

MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group

Contact Person

Bart Schroeijers / additional support Lars Geerlings

Location Home office / Rotterdam
Optional remote work Yes
Travel expenses (own account or reimbursed by the company) Reimbursement will be provided
Housing arranged by company No
Housing expenses (how much per month, own account or subsidized by the company) No
Internship compensation  €350 per month
Study program


ESCF community

Full member

Start date

September, 2024; earlier start possible



Company Description

MediaMarktSaturn is Europe’s leading consumer electronics retailer. It sees itself as a partner, daily companion, and navigator for its customers in the digital world. Its over 1,000 MediaMarkt and Saturn stores are closely integrated with their online shops. MediaMarktSaturn has a total headcount of more than 55,000.


Project Description

Project description:

MediaMarktSaturn offers a diverse array of products through multiple distribution channels.

Building upon previous research by van der Lee (2023, TUE) on decision criteria for which distribution channel to apply, this project aims to explore the effectiveness of a hybrid distribution approach. Specifically, it investigates the hypothesis that simultaneously utilizing both cross-docking and stock storage methods can improve product availability for customers, particularly in response to supplier reliability issues necessitating the maintenance of replenishment stocks.

Goals of the project:

The primary objective of this project is to develop a dynamic decision model, providing recommendations for the ratio between the two distribution methods (cross dock versus stock) as well as defining the therefor needed inventory levels.

This model will focus on items distributed via cross-dock, aiming to improve product availability while balancing costs of capital and logistics.


    A dynamic decision model for hybrid distribution, incorporating central replenishment stock management for items distributed via cross-docking.

    Essential student knowledge:

    • Mathematical modelling / simulation




      More information: escf@tue.nl  


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