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Project Description

Project description:

This project aims to optimize seed germination processes using mathematical modeling, particularly taking into account that there is often limited data due to practical constraints on conducting experiments.

Goals of the project:

The goal is to improve seed germination efficiency through the development and application of mathematical models. The student will:

  • Utilize mathematical modeling techniques to identify correlations between environmental parameters and seed germination outcomes.
  • Develop a mathematical model that captures the complex relationships between environmental factors and seed germination efficiency.
  • Identify optimal environmental conditions for seed germination.


Ideally, this project should lead to:

  • A mathematical model describing the relationships between environmental parameters and seed germination efficiency.
  • Recommendations for optimal environmental conditions based on model predictions.

Essential student knowledge: 

  • Programming
  • Affinity with the agro sector
  • Affinity with mathematical modelling and optimization



 More information: escf@tue.nl  


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