Improving Lifecycle Management in the Vegetable Seed Business – BASF + SCV



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Project Description

Project description:

This project aims to improve lifecycle management practices in the vegetable seed business. This sector is characterized by long production lead times (>2 yrs), high forecasting errors, and relatively high yield uncertainty due to unpredictable weather and grow conditions. Moreover, it’s challenging to predict demand for new type of products. 

Goals of the project:

The student is expected to provide an overview of the current life cycle management practices. Subsequently, based on this analysis, the student should improve either of the following:

  • Forecasting methods: Which level? Which methods? How to incorporate yield uncertainties? Which data?
  • Product segmentation: When to phase in/out which products?


Ideally, this project should lead to:

  • Recommendations on a new life cycle management framework, and how this improves on the current practices.  

Essential student knowledge: 

  • Programming
  • Affinity with the agro sector
  • Knowledge on forecasting



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