A forecast on Agrifood Logistics due to European (or National) protein strategy transition – TLN



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Transport en Logistiek Nederland (TLN)

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Leon Smet

Location Zoetermeer

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February, 2024



Company Description

    TLN is the Dutch business association for companies in logistics and transport based in Zoetermeer (Zuid-Holland).


    Project Description

    Project description:

    The Netherlands hosts a substantial production and trade position in agrifood. Our export position of agrifood products is one of the largest worldwide, mostly within the European Union.

    The European Commission is exploring how to harness the potential of EU plant protein production, responding to the needs of farmers, producers and consumers. The transition from livestock to more plant based diet might have implications for the agrifood chain.

    Can we create insight or a forecast in the broader implications of a protein transition for Dutch transportation SME’s.

    Goals of the project:

    Insight in the implications of European Legislation (CSRD) compliance for Dutch transportation SME’s.


    Report and Thesis

    Essential student knowledge:

    Knowledge of supply chains and logistics




     More information: escf@tue.nl  


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