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Company Name / Department

Supply Chain Valley – AgroFood

Contact Person

Jan Vorstermans

 Location tbc
Optional remote work Yes, possible
Travel expenses (own account or reimbursed by the company) Reimbursed by company
Housing arranged by company Maybe possible together with international workers
Housing expenses (how much per month, own account or subsidized by the company) Subsidized by company
Internship compensation  TBD
Study program OML
ESCF community


Start date

February, 2024


Company Description

    The Supply Chain Valley – ‘Agro-food’ building block mainly focuses on projects to improve the Food Supply Chain through crossovers with logistics and the manufacturing industry. Through this building block, we initiate projects by taking a look behind the scenes (i.e. through the other building blocks). Ultimately, we have to set up circular (food) businesses with all stakeholders and the food supply chain (logistics) will make a significant contribution to this.
    The objectives of the building block include making production, transport (electric, hydrogen) and storage (e-cooling/off-grid systems) more sustainable within the Food Supply Chain, processing residual flows and developing Agro-Clusters (with expertise in food, logistics and real estate) by sharing knowledge and executing projects in this regard. With primary focus on Energy, Digitalization and Circularity. The latter is also a ‘moral duty’ under the Green Deal!


    Project Description

    Project description:

    SCV – Agro Food operates in Agriculture, Horticulture and greenhouses Horticulture to supply Agro Food products all year round. Demand for these products can be forecasted. Given these forecasts and the constraints relating to their different parts of the sector, the question when to sow which products. Lighting, water and soil quality  conditions inside the greenhouses and fields may also differ or can be controlled such that an additional question arises as to where and when in to sow.

    Goals of the project:

    Develop a model for breeding


    (near-)optimal breeding schedule

     Essential student knowledge:

    • Knowledge about optimization techniques
    • Knowledge about stochastic processes



      More information: escf@tue.nl  


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