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Company Name / Department

Van den Bosch

Contact Person Teun Franssen (Anne Poot)
 Location Erp
Optional remote work Yes, at least two days / week at the office
Travel expenses (own account or reimbursed by the company) Reimbursed by the company
Housing arranged by company No
Housing expenses (how much per month, own account or subsidized by the company) Own account
Internship compensation  €500 per month
Study program
ESCF community


Start date

September 2023


Company Description

Van den Bosch is an international logistics service provider located in Erp, The Netherlands. They aim to drive sustainable and reliable change in the supply chain through intelligent innovation. More than 80% of all their transport is performed by means of intermodal transport. They believe that logistics is not just about transport, but also about data, insights, and know-how. They are constantly trying to drive change within the sector, which is why they are known as “The Supply Changer in Bulk”.


Project Description

Project description:

In transport, the time between awarded quotation and executing shipments varies widely per case. During this period, sales and operation collect various transport requirements from the customer and internal stakeholders to ensure a successful execution of the shipments. This process of creating a ’master order’ requires input from multiple levels and may be time sensitive in some cases. Currently, the company is lacking insight into how push and pull strategies might benefit the current process.

Goals of the project:

To investigate the benefits and disadvantages of push and pull strategies in creating master orders and how the current process may adopt some parts of these strategies to make it more efficient.


    • Mapping of current process and its stakeholders
    • Gathering and analyzing timing data of current versus adjusted process
    • Investigating possible inhibitors of a push versus pull strategy

      Essential student knowledge:

      • Statistical analysis of quantitative data
      • Basic understanding of push and pull strategies
      • Simple A/B testing




      More information: escf@tue.nl  


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