Planning Analytics Lead – AI Heineken BV



Company Name / Department Heineken BV
Contact Person Cömert Mert
 Location Schipol
Optional remote work Hybrid: Min 2 day in the office
Travel expenses (own account or reimbursed by the company) Reimbursed by the company
Housing arranged by company No
Housing expenses (how much per month, own account or subsidized by the company) Own account
Internship compensation  €500,- per month
Study program Computer Engineering/Data Science
ESCF community


Start date

September, 2023


Company Description

Global Brewing Company from Netherlands with over 80000 employees.


Project Description

Project description:

Open AI system for Insights creation

An Open AI Insights Generator is a software or platform that uses artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyse data and extract insights from it.

  1. Data ingestion and preparation: The tool should be able to ingest data from various sources and formats, then clean, pre-process and transform it into a format that can be analysed.
  2. Analytics and modelling: The tool should be able to apply various machine learning algorithms and statistical methods to the data, uncover patterns, and generate insights that can be used for business decision-making.
  3. Visualization: The insights discovered by the tool should be presented in an easy-to-understand and visually appealing way, such as graphs, charts or dashboards.

Goals of the project:

The tool should meet the specific needs of the user. This can include the ability to select specific data sources, apply custom algorithms or tweak the tool’s settings to get tailored insights which are designed to help businesses make data-driven decisions and stay competitive in their respective industries.


    Functionality, usability and practicality

    Essential student knowledge:

    Data science, machine learning, data modelling, data analytics, a programming language such as Python, Java Script, or C++




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