Market drivers analyses  study within the Transportation Industry to improve the Forecast of Ewals Cargo Care



Company Name / Department Ewals Cargo Care
Contact Person

Freek Heesen

Location Venlo, Tegelen, Netherlands
Study programme(s)

Industrial Engineering (OML)

Community EHTC
Start Date

September, 2023

Housing arranged by company No


450 EUR per month , ELC Policy

Company Description

Ewals Cargo Care is a family owned transportation company, which is founded in 1906 by Alfons Ewals. The main office is found in Tegelen near Venlo. Besides this, Ewals has 32 other offices in Europe, which lead to a local presence in 15 European countries with approximately 2050 employees.

 Ewals has grown into a strong international player. Our customers are offered a broad spectrum of logistics products ranging from full loads, part- and project loads, Control Tower set-ups and Value Added Logistics to global forwarding. Especially, but certainly not exclusively, we are known  for our European multimodal network that includes more than 3500 Mega Huckepack XL(S) trailers. In addition, we can rely on a solid network of partners. Ewals is also continuously improving work processes and investing in the development of our employees.

Project Description

In collaboration with the European Supply Chain Form, Ewals Cargo Care and the ESCF have composed the “Univers” Roadmap, which is journey in joint effort, supporting and enabling Ewals with the effective transition to a data driven business model.

 This project will focus on identifying trends/ external factors/drivers influencing our business model – macro level trends.

 As to its effective demarcation: this study will be conducted within the Product Management stream* of Ewals Cargo Care.

 Recent disruptive factors and forces (Brexit, Covid-19, war in Ukraine, amongst other things) made apparent that looking in foresight and focus on predictability (/ transparency) will be vital in order to survive on the long-term. Therefore, in order to concretize the project, we intend to launch an investigation which macro level factors/drivers influence the supply vs. demand balance within the Transportation Industry

*Responsible for Group level development of products and related services.

Goals of the Project

The aim of the project to make an analysis enabling Ewals Cargo in the future  to develop a model forecasting the supply – vs. – demand balance (i.e., market balance/ barometer) within the Transportation Industry.


  • Clear overview what sources we need to use
  • What are the critical factors which are relevant for Ewals as a company.
  • Design of a model in which information in the future could be stored

Essential Student Knowledge

  • Supply chain.- Logistical, – Transportation knowledge
    (and affinity);
  • Macro – economic knowledge/ endeavors(statistical prowess preferred);
  • Project management. 

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