BEP Thesis: Customer Experience – Measure and Optimize – Sachem Europe BV



Company Name / Department Sachem Europe BV
Contact Person

Reina Munting

Location Zaltbommel
Study programme(s)


Community CDT
Start Date

February 2023

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TBD, per month

.Company Description

SACHEM is a global chemical science company specializing in extremely pure, precise, and innovative chemistry products and services critical to our customers’ manufacturing processes.
SACHEM is a Privately Held Company with 375 associates worldwide. SACHEM has 6 manufacturing facilities and 4 research and development centers. SACHEM has strong commitment to Health, Safety, Environment and Ethics. SACHEM has established leading positions in key growth markets through technical expertise, revolutionary service, and an unwavering commitment to safety and the environment.

Project Description

A former student has worked on a project to determine KPI’s (lead and lag) to measure customer experience and define opportunities for improvement and differentiation opportunities. KPI’s to measure Customer Experience (current status) have been set based on benchmarks. He has proposed a path forward and we want to take the next step.

This project is meant to collect and develop data and measure the chosen KPI’s with the goal to define the as is Customer Experience score of SACHEM’s offerings. Based on the as-is situation, the goal is to set new bench marked targets and develop solutions to reach the new targets by analyzing the existing weaknesses.

Goals of the Project

The goal of the project is to collect and develop data to measure Customer Experience (current status) according to the to agreed upon KPI’s.

Based on the results the student is asked to set bench marked targets and suggest  improvement solutions via a thorough analysis. This would lead to actionable recommendations to reach the new (to be determined) targets


  • Define available data sources
  • Define new data sources
  • Measure the “as is” customer experience
  • Develop actionable recommendations to optimize/improve the customer experience
  • Propose a next (follow-up) assignment

Trigger for the project

SACHEM Europe is mentioned to be a reliable and a trustworthy supplier to its customers. General feedback is that we are responsive and flexible. We are evaluated on various criteria on a regular basis by a number of our customers. This is a lagging indicator for how we are performing. By measuring our Customer Experience we have a better forward looking view on how we are preforming on the various criteria. Additionally we will be able to take actions to improve if necessary and measure if our actions are paying off. Ideally we can steer our service levels and differentiate our service and offering to optimize our value.

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