Development of a digital twin for improved decision support – Technische Unie



Company Name / Department Technische Unie
Contact Person

Marcel Prakken

Location Alphen aan den Rijn / Remote
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Community CDT
Start Date

February 2023

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Company Description

Technische Unie is a Dutch wholesaler of technical installation materials. The company operates 41 selling locations (sales offices, sales points and pick-up points) in The Netherlands as well as 2 distribution centers

Project Description

The distribution center of Technische Unie plays a crucial role. There products arrive in bulk, after which they are put on stock, waiting to be picked for orders of customers. Optimization of the processes in the distribution center is difficult because a large number of parameters (routes, picking frequency, order fulfillment, workforce) interact with each other. Experimentation of all these parameters to find the optimal configuration is costly and takes time. As such, Technische Unie is interested in creating a digital twin of their distribution center so that they can test changes through simulation. The scope of the project will be on the forward flow in the distribution center, that is, delivery in bulk, repacking, and storage. 

Goals of the Project

  • Create a digital twin of the forward flow in the distribution center of Technische Unie
  • Develop improvement plans aimed at improving relevant KPI’s


  • Digital twin (i.e. simulation engine) with proper documentation
  • Propose improvement actions as well as impact analysis of said actions.

Essential Student Knowledge

  • Excellent understanding of manufacturing systems
  • Excellent coding skills
  • Good communication skills


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