Replenishment Network Optimization – MediaMarktSaturn (MMS)



Company Name / Department MediaMarkt (MMS)
Contact Person

Luuk van Rijthoven 

Location Netherlands
Study programme(s)

Operations and Supply Chain / Operations Research

Community ESCF
Start Date

February 2023

Housing arranged by company No


350 EUR per month (5 working days per week)

Company Description

European Electrical retailer


Project Description

The centralized strategy of MMS involves improving store replenishments within Germany. With over 400 stores in the country, an optimal replenishment network is desired to reduce transportation costs. This includes finding an improved linehaul network that exercises stability within the allotted time.

Goals of the Project

Improve current linehaul network, analyze different scenario’s, propose, and implement changes within the existing framework


Improved linehaul network, scenario analysis on different parameters, data handling strategy, deployable application within MMS architecture

    Essential Student Knowledge

    Supply Chain, high focus on transport, Operations Research

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