Hilti – Scenario model for intelligent production planning



Company Name / Department Hilti AG
Contact Person

Markus Frey

Location HQ Liechtenstein
Study programme(s)

Supply Chain Management

Community ESCF
Start Date

September 2022

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Funded by DINALOG

Company Description


Project Description

Within the S&OP the capacity preview and review are crucial steps in which the plant capacities are aligned according to the forecasted demand for the next 12 months. The production capacity thereby mainly depends on the available workforce as well as technical restriction of the machines and availability of materials. Based on the available plant capacities and the net-requirements (driven by the forecasted demand), the central planner together with the plant managers, drive a decision in fulfilling the demand for the upcoming months by adjusting capacity or building inventories (anticipate production). As new demand comes in, new scenarios might be evaluated.

Goals of the Project

Based on the data, a what-if scenario model shall be developed (enhanced) and scaled up for multiple plants. The final model shall be then integrated into a decision support application used by the Central Planning managers to plan the capacities according to service, cost and inventory to optimality.  


  • Develop/Enhance and scale-up decision support model for the capacity planning for multiple plants or cost-optimal scenario planning
  • Integrate decision model into an application for if-then scenario planning to support the central planer
  • Operationalize decision support application for cost-optimal scenario analysis for supply chain planning into the capacity preview phase of the S&OP process

Essential Student Knowledge

  • Data base knowledge
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Research/Mathematical Optimization
  • Statistics


More information: escf@tue.nl