Transport Network Optimization tool – Ewals Logistics Control



Company Name / Department Ewals Logistics Control (ELC)
Contact Person

Dario Palombo

Location Venlo, Tegelen, Netherlands
Study programme(s)

Industrial Engineering

Community EHTC
Start Date

End of September 2022

Housing arranged by company Yes


450 EUR per month , ELC Policy

Company Description

Ewals Cargo Care currently employs approximately 2.050 employees from 33 locations in 15 countries throughout Europe. The main office is located in Tegelen (near Venlo). You will work in a solid family business that exists for more than 100 years and where communication lines are short. Ewals has grown into a strong international player. Our customers are offered a broad spectrum of logistics products ranging from full loads, part- and project loads, Control Tower set-ups and Value Added Logistics to global forwarding. Especially, but certainly not exclusively, for the transport of full loads we are known for our European multimodal network that includes some 3300 Mega Huckepack XL(S) trailers. In addition, we can rely on a solid network of partners. Ewals is also continuously improving work processes and investing in the development of our employees.

Within Ewals, Continuous Improvement Processes falls under the Business Unit ‘Product Management’. The CI Engineering & Carrier management team is responsible for the Strategic Supply-Chain Optimization of existing and potential new customers. Hereby taking the lead in Continuous Improvement programmes and process optimizations. In addition, partner recruitment and management and quality assurance are part of the expertise.

You will be active for the “Control Tower” Product within Product Management.

Project Description

ELC is a company which is providing transport and network solutions to companies with complex supply chains. Within this environment an important process / task is defining, investigating and ultimately simulating customer transport networks. Today, this is primarily a manual job in which a lot if human effort is involved.

The need for this process comes from the customer needs based on the following questions:

  • What is the most cost-efficient way of moving my transport demand from point A to point B, taking into account minimum qualitative requirements.
  • How should I redesign my transport network in view of strategic changes (e.g. Brexit, War, etc…)

The idea behind this project is to research if and how we can improve this process through e.g. automation (tool), making it more lean, etc…

Once this research is done a project consisting out of 2 ELC employees and the student will be established. The primary role of the student will be in supplying the solution (end product) while critically challenging the acceptance criteria set by the current senior users of the process. The overall project coordination (Project manager) will be done by the Intern supervisor.

Goals of the Project

To investigate a possible solution of the problem and afterwards produce and implement that same solution in cooperation with the business.


  • A finalized solution which is user friendly and provides a solid base to further built on.
  • A solution which is matching the qualitative acceptance criteria as defined by the business.

    Essential Student Knowledge

    • Python
    • Knowledge of transport is a nice to have.


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