Differences between Order Advices and Actual Orders – Jumbo

Jumbo experiences deviations between the automatically generated orders and what the store managers actually order. Jumbo’s perception is that ideally, store managers do not intervene in this automatic ordering process. This perceived the ideal situation is called Jumbo’s ‘’Hands OFF’’ ambition. As already indicated by the name, Jumbo’s ambition is to strive for the case that store managers take their ‘’Hands OFF’’ the automatically generated orders. The current difference between automatic and actual orders is possibly caused due to that the automatic ordering system (AOS) does not take into account all relevant factors. On the other side, one could argue that store managers perceive problems with the AOS whereas the problems are not really there. Most likely, it will be the combination of both. Therefore, Jumbo wishes to generate insights into the deviations between the actual orders and the automatically generated orders. Based on these insights, some suggestions could be formulated on how to close the gap between the actual orders and automatically generated orders. On the other side, this research will also focus on the question whether the perceived ideal situation is also the ideal situation in practice. Therefore, the main objective of this research is to gain insights into why store managers adapt these automatically generated orders and how Jumbo can handle this in the future to increase the quality of the AOS.

Bob van Beuningen – bob.vanbeuningen@jumbo.com

Karel van Donselaar – k.h.v.donselaar@tue.nl

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