Freight volume information and pick ups and deliveries – TKT

The project is about the application of data and data collection methods in the collection of soiled laundry and the delivery of clean laundry at customers. Basically, a laundry delivers roll containers with clean laundry and picks up those with soiled laundry at their customers. However, it is not known beforehand how many of those containers filled with soiled laundry there are at the customer. This results in trucks driving half empty or overfull, not being able to take all containers with them. Therefore, the goal of the project is to investigate the effect of ‘perfect’ information on the logistic performance. ‘Perfect’ information can be achieved by, for instance, using data collection methods like RFID tags or sharing data between the company and their customers.


Mark van der Pas –

Luuk Veelenturf –

Léon Wennekes – TKT