The AI Planner of the Future program has officially started! On 6 October the AI team had a great kick-off event at the TU/e with the brand new PhD candidates and the program partners ESCF, EAISI, IE&IS and LCB.
The teams expect that this collaboration will lead to exciting new insights and results on AI and supply chains / logistics in the following years!

The AI Planner of the Future program is an ambitious research program that focuses on the increasing intertwining of technology and human aspects in the context of AI planning for supply chains and logistics.

The program combines the extensive knowledge of researchers from all multi-disciplinary IE&IS domains and the real-life living labs of European Supply Chain Forum companies from diverse industries. All industries are involved: fast-moving consumer goods, omnichannel retailing, last-mile logistics, services, health, transport and mobility, high-tech industries, etc.

The program is divided in 10 research areas, each program with a team of researchers and PhD’s of TU/e. As an industrial company you are welcome to join our research programs. For more information click here or watch our video about the projects.