There were no less than 10! graduating students this year who scored exactly a 9.0 for their Master theses that they conducted at an ESCF member. The jury nominated the 5 best Master students of last year.

Who will be the winner of this year’s ESCF Student Award? Nominated are: Loïs Aerts, Nadine van Diën, Michiel de Hoop, Gerard Koudstaal and Casper van der Schenk.

We give you a sneak peek of the achievements:

Loïs Aerts wrote her thesis about Spare Parts Planning Accuracy within the Service Supply Network of ASML

Nadine van Diën wrote her thesis about identifying the regulatory barriers in cross-border transportation and how they can be considered in decision making to improve the planning of circular activities of small healthcare equipment. A research conducted at a healthcare company.

Michiel de Hoop wrote his thesis about Leveraging Time Aggregated Data and Advanced Machine Learning Techniques to Improve Semiconductor Demand Forecasting. A Case Study at an Anonymized Semiconductor Company.

Gerard Koudstaal wrote his thesis about Opening the black box of dyadic knowledge flow Perceived usefulness of received knowledge in informal knowledge-seeking interactions in a global product development collaboration network.

Casper van der Schenk wrote his thesis about How logistic service quality influences customer loyalty at Hilti.

The Awarding ceremony ESCF Student Award 2021-2022 takes place at the ESCF Annual Conference on September, 27th  and promises to be exciting!

Watch the video of last year’s Annual Conference here to get an impression of what the nominees can expect or take a look at some interesting graduation projects of ESCF members.