NWO Life 2022 symposium

In our rapidly changing and increasingly complex world, scarcity of raw materials and agricultural commodities are boosting global prices and making it trickier to configure supply chain assets. Moreover, the production of food and non-food is not yet climate neutral and is insufficiently circular. To achieve sustainable food systems, major changes are needed regarding to greenhouse gas emissions, the management and use of natural resources and raw materials, and the consumption of healthy food, among other areas. 

New NWA program

Out of this need, the Nationale Wetenschapsagenda (NWA) of the Dutch Research Council created the program ‘Transitie naar een Duurzaam Voedelsysteem (TDV)‘ to investigate how to accelerate transition to a sustainable food system. This requires a combination of organisational, social, and technological innovations. Achieving this transition requires an integrated approach aimed at a sustainable food system with a good revenue model and greater appreciation for food.

On May 23rd 2022 the NWO Life 2022 symposium at Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee will take place. The day will consist of a keynote, presentations of the project’s results to date and further research goals, and breakout sessions, including the round table.

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