SLF, in coorperation with ESCF, cordially invite you to join our webinar Tracebility with Blockchain, on 16 June 2021, from 15.00 – 16.30 hrs.

This webinar presents the results of the Improved Traceability of Parts and Products (IToPP) project. This project is led by TU/e and supported by TKI Dinalog, the Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics.

Date:     June 16, 2021
Time:     15.00 – 16.30hrs
Mode:   Online
Title:      Traceability with Blockchain

A proven and innovative blockchain solution for traceability of products and spares in the e2e forward and reverse supply chains.

During this webinar we will present a novel digital platform, based on blockchain, for tracing parts and product information through the supply chain. We will demonstrate how blockchain technology is a natural fit for part and product traceability and we will show the benefits of blockchain and how they can be fully exploited. Specifically, we will proof: how smart contracts can be used to create more favorable payment terms, how blockchain can be used to reduce the costs of certification, and how the joint ownership of the blockchain encourages safe and profitable sharing of traceability data. The platform itself will be demonstrated and can be found as open source on-line for your own experimentation.


* Introduction
    Remco Dijkman, Associate Professor, TU/e
* The importance of traceability in the aerospace supply chain
Wouter van Dis, Advanced Analytics Manager, Fokker Services and   
Kaveh Alizadeh, Manager Program Management, Fokker Services

* A blockchain for traceability in the supply chain
   Remco Dijkman, Associate Professor, TU/e

* Broader supply chain applications of blockchain
   Jari van der Steen, Senior Consultant Blockchain, IBM Global Services

* Q&A and conclusion

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Looking forward to seeing you there!