To enable wider dissemination of LINCIT, we took part in the television program SBS ‘Doe maar duurzaam’, which will be broadcasted on March 16 on SBS6. This happens to coincide with the week of the circular economy. The Dutch TV program focuses on innovative solutions to various sustainability issues. It weekly portrays how we all can do our part to contribute to a greener planet.

The TV host visited Eindhoven University of Technology to learn more about LINCIT, which focuses on developing knowledge, insights, and tools for guiding companies in the transition from linear supply chains to circular business ecosystems, and organizing the associated logistics and operational processes. According to Néomie Raassens and Alex Alblas, both working as associate professors at Eindhoven University of Technology and involved in the LINCIT research program, companies should take small steps to achieve their circular goals. Small steps can initiate a cycle of success and eventually accelerate the circular transition.

During the TV broadcast, they emphasize the challenge of implementing a circular business model while the linear model is still in place. To illustrate this challenge in real life, they visit LINCIT partner HQ Group.

Mark your calendars for March 16 or March 17 when our episode airs on SBS6. Saturday’s broadcast of Doe Maar Duurzaam is at 16:00 on SBS6! It will be repeated on Sunday at 12:00.

More info on LINCIT can be found here and please let us know what you think of the broadcast!