Remco Dijkman full-time professor of Data-driven Business Process Optimization at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences at Eindhoven University of Technology and Research Director EHTC at ESCF, will deliver his inaugural lecture on July 1, 2022 about:

‘Digital Process Transformation’

The availability of both computing power and data has grown exponentially over recent decades. This has created opportunities for organizations to transform the way their business processes work, improving them, for example, by reducing their cost or by making them more sustainable. One of the ways in which this can be done is by enhancing business processes with data to produce accurate representations of how work typically progresses through the organization. Such data-enhanced models can, in turn, be used to simulate the organization – even in real-time – or to make predictions about what will likely happen under particular conditions and with particular work distribution and control rules. These predictions can then be used to make decisions on the optimal rules for work distribution or control under given conditions. Data-driven business process optimization concerns itself with developing the models, tools and techniques that facilitate this.
During his lecture, Remco Dijkman will introduce the research area of data-driven business process optimization and share his vision on the development of the area.

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