Basil likes to see people enjoying riding their bicycle, which is why they make beautiful and functional bicycle accessories that encourage people to cycle more often.

The slogan: ‘Spread the cycling joy’ is part of the DNA of Basil. They encourage people to cycle more often. Because cycling is healthy and gives everyone a daily dose of happiness. Their accessories contribute in a practical (and fashionable!) way. Basil feels connected to a more sustainable lifestyle in which cycling fits in perfectly.

Basil became a member of ESCF a few months ago. The reason is that, in the first place, they are interested in connecting with ESCF because the forum is a linking pin between university/science and the industry. In addition, through this membership, Basil will stay up to date on new developments and innovations in the field of logistics. Basil wants to incorporate sustainability more into its strategy. Their commitment to sustainability started in 2012. Today, their headquarter is solar-powered and produces more energy than they use!

In the article, Janne Venderbosch, working at Basil’s Products department, explains more about the strategy and developments of Basil.