Loïs Aerts wins Student Award 2021-2022

ESCF Student Award 2021-2022 ceremony

November 7, 2022
The most extraordinary Master Student talents from the Eindhoven University of Technology use the finest academic knowledge to help affiliated ESCF members and enrich the supply chain knowledge. ESCF members can submit project proposals, assisted by the ESCF. These will be circulated via our talent pool, the ESCF student community. Graduating students rated 9 or higher at ESCF companies make a chance to win the Student Award. Loïs Aerts won with her thesis the ESCF Student Award 2021-2022.
Attendants Kick off Talent Table at Lightyear

ESCF Talent Table

October 20, 2022
Full members identified the ‘young’ talents who joined this exciting new initiative: ESCF Talent Table. The overarching theme of the first Talent Table event was ‘Disruption’. Many talents face critical disruptions in their daily work, while others are part of disruptive organizations themselves. Think about worldwide disruptions such as Covid, the Suez Canal, rising energy […]

Nominees of the ESCF Student Award 2021-2022 are…

September 16, 2022
There were no less than 10! graduating students this year who scored exactly a 9.0 for their Master theses that they conducted at an ESCF member. The jury nominated the 5 best Master students of last year. Who will be the winner of this year’s ESCF Student Award? Nominated are: Loïs Aerts, Nadine van Diën, Michiel […]
Digital Process Transformation Remco Dijkman

Digital Process Transformation

May 25, 2022
Prof.dr.ir. Remco Dijkman full-time professor of Data-driven Business Process Optimization at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences at Eindhoven University of Technology and Research Director EHTC at ESCF, will deliver his inaugural lecture on July 1, 2022 about: ‘Digital Process Transformation’ The availability of both computing power and data has grown exponentially over […]

NWA program Transition to a sustainable food system

March 29, 2022
NWO Life 2022 symposium In our rapidly changing and increasingly complex world, scarcity of raw materials and agricultural commodities are boosting global prices and making it trickier to configure supply chain assets. Moreover, the production of food and non-food is not yet climate neutral and is insufficiently circular. To achieve sustainable food systems, major changes […]