EHTC: Autonomous planning and control in manufacturing

EHTC: Autonomous planning and control in manufacturing
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Date and Time
14/09/2021, 12:30 - 18:00

Location: Holiday Inn Eindhoven

About the topic
The current trend in the industry is to optimize and automate manufacturing logistics and processes, to further reduce cycle times and increase utilization of manufacturing equipment. This is enabled by the availability of big manufacturing data and advanced operations research techniques and AI. The ultimate goal is to create autonomous or so-called lights-out factories. In this workshop, we present and discuss some ideas and steps made in this direction.

About the speakers
Ivo Adan, professor at our TU/e will address the use of algorithms and lead our interactive session. Most likely we will have a speaker from one of our semiconductor members and two PhD students on digital twins and autonomous machine interaction will give their pitch.


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