Data2Move: Data-Driven Automated Planning

Data2Move: Data-Driven Automated Planning
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Date and Time
13/06/2023, 12:00 - 18:00

Location: Nearby Eindhoven

Data-Driven automated planning

Automation is everywhere, but will it ever replace human planners? Everywhere, be it in demand, production, or transportation planning, humans adjust suggestions by the computer. But, are the suggestions by the computer stupid? Or is the domain knowledge of our human capital irreplaceable? And, will the rise of AI make all this irrelevant?

In this workshop, we try to determine how planners and (AI) decision-support tools interact. When should we invest in our IT/AI solutions, and when do we need to invest in human capital? We host engaging keynote speakers that leave you wondering how your business can make actionable steps. Of course, our talented students close the day by showcasing our community’s latest practical research results!