ESCF: Exploring Circular Opportunities

ESCF: Exploring Circular Opportunities
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Date and Time
15/03/2022, 09:00 - 18:00

Location: Boerderij Het Dommeltje

This Workshop is the start of a long-term ESCF program around sustainability.
As a starting point, we plan a full-day workshop on March 15, with the title: Exploring Circular Opportunities.

The workshop serves as an eye opener for the need to take active steps towards circularity. We will identify the challenges currently impeding the transition to a circular economy and explore opportunities that the circular economy offers. What is ‘Circularity’? Why is Circularity important? What are the circularity challenges of our ESCF members? And what are the critical next steps for taking advantage of circular opportunities?

Full Workshop Program
09:00     Walk-in with coffee
09:30     Welcome and Keynote by Rolien Wiersinga (CircularGreen)
10:20     Future Tables (Part I): Putting our minds together
12:30     Lunch
13:30     What do ESCF members have to say? Interview with Van Happen, Chep, and Shell
14:00     Professor Floor Alkemade on ongoing circular economy research at TU/e
14:30     Future Tables (Part II): Putting our minds together
15:00     Coffee
16:00     Future Tables Conclusion
16:45     Robert Ossevoort (Dinalog)
17:15     Learnings and Next Steps
17.30     Drinks

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