EHTC Workshop, April 16, 2024
Topic: The Supply Chain Co-Pilot

We had a successful and inspirational Supply Chain Copilot Workshop on April 16, at Holiday Inn with your esteemed presence and invaluable contributions. Your presence and active engagement played a vital role in productive discussions and contributed to the overall success of the event.

After a delicious walk-in lunch, we initialized the workshop with an enthusiastic introduction by Willem van Jaarsveld. Willem explained the recent developments in AI and stressed its importance in the supply chain industry. The introduction was followed by AI-supported supply chain game sessions with the guidance of Willem and Christina Imdahl. Altogether, we experienced AI-assisted supply chain planning on hand with a game representing a layered real-life supply chain with multiple products and markets. We also had discussions on a case involving an AI adoption process in a company, exchanged ideas about how to deal with possible challenges, and presented our solutions.

Next, the participants shared their opinions on AI-supported decision-making in supply chain management. Also, with a Mentimeter questionnaire led by Christina, we observed interesting results about our views on AI-supported decision-making. Later, Christina presented several scientific studies involving AI-supported decision-making implementations and the value added by them. She concluded her presentation by elaborating on the strong and weak sides of both humans and machines in decision-making processes and stressed the importance of human-machine collaboration.

We wrapped up the workshop with a discussion session on how to apply our learnings in our organizations. We approached it on strategic and operational levels, shared our opinions on AI algorithms, and expressed our views on the current and future state of the AI involvement level in decision-making. Finally, we relaxed with drinks at the hotel bar and had pleasant conversations with our peers in the industry.