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This community envisions that data and information technology are key for realizing data-driven decision making in supply chain management. Supply chain and logistics actors are challenged by innovative digital platforms, e-commerce operations, and are confronted with exogenous disrupting factors leading to human capital scarcity and unpredictable logistics. To keep a competitive edge, business should rely on digital supply chains in which algorithms and AI are exploited to create decision support that enables sustainability, efficiency, resilience, robustness, and meaningful work.
A digital and transparent data infrastructure both within and across supply chain actors is crucial for achieving it in a resilient way.

  1. Algorithms and AI for logistics. The community focuses on how to improve daily decision making by making better use of data and how to move beyond myopic solutions and incorporate AI methodology. What IT infrastructure is needed, and which data should be stored how? This ranges from decision-support on logistics network design towards dynamic planning of load units for bulk transport.
    2. Society, sustainability, and meaningful work: How to facilitate data sharing in the supply chain to reduce CO2 emissions and how to make best use of scarce human capital in logistics are important. For instance, the community studies algorithms and solutions to automatize repetitive, low-level operations both to increase their efficiency and to stimulate the use of human actors in dealing with more complex and meaningful decisions.
    3. Resilient operations & transparency: Here the topics are on how to visualize supply chain networks to analyze relations among operational processes. Also the community focuses on how to use this visualization to support detection, impact analysis, and mitigation of disruptive events.


We host multiple events per year, aiming to build relationships within the community and learn about the latest trends in digital supply chains.


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Research stories

Where logistics meets data, interesting stories arise. Each story illustrates the importance of data, and in many cases, the research resulted in significant savings and supply-chain improvements for our companies. All research stories can be found here.

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