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How do companies successfully set up partnerships?

What makes partnerships work? Prof. dr. Ard-Pieter de Man (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) shares valuable insights from extensive research. A certain attitude is important: “You don’t want to be in control, you want to be up to speed. To do that, you need to work together.”

Both researcher and consultant, professor De Man is an expert on partnerships between organizations. He is highly interested in organizations’ capability to change – and how partnerships can help make that happen. Partnerships are on the rise, said prof. De Man while discussing current trends. Companies in the IT and pharmaceutical industries are taking the lead. “And not only that: they also make an effort to find out how to manage these collaborations.

The Data Ambition Matrix

How can you as a company make use of Big Data the upcoming years to work more effectively in a supply chain? And where are you now?

The Data Ambition Matrix is a framework that consists of two dimensions. Grefen: “A horizontal dimension that shows the level of integration of data, and a vertical dimension that shows the realization of this integration. We ask companies to plot themselves three times in the matrix: where are they now, where do they want to be in two years, and in five years?”