Food valorisation in a sustainable supply chain

Currently, humanity is facing an immense challenge in feeding the growing world population while a significant amount of food is wasted. Therefore, it is crucial to use the limited resources we have on earth more efficiently. This research will focus on decision-making in food supply chains such that raw materials intended for food are completely valorised for food purposes. Thus, we design models for i) product portfolio selection, ii) menu planning, and iii) side-stream recycling. While there are several studies on food waste, few have considered uncertainties, which often have a significant impact on the amount of waste. For example, supply and demand quantities, as well as qualities in food supply chains, are hard to predict and depend on many environmental factors. In this project, we will consider these uncertainties and incorporate them into our models by using suitable optimisation techniques such as machine learning and robust optimisation. We aim to develop a robust data-driven approach to redesign the food supply chains into more sustainable systems.

June 2023 – Annual AI Planner of the Future Event. Poster  


Marloes RemijnseAhmadreza Marandi Sonja Rohmer Tom van Woensel

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